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Electrical Rewiring

First Electrical Services, we are local electricians and can provide a full quotation for the rewiring of your property, we have been rewiring customers homes in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth and all surrounding areas since 2002

We provide very competative prices, all work is carried out to the 18th edition of the the wiring regulations and conforms to Part P buidling regs

A certiciate is issued upon completion and a submission made to building control so they can issue a compliance certificate

How to tell if your property needs rewiring

If a property has not already been rewired within the last 25-30 years, the chances are it will need upgrading at least in part in order to bring it up to current standards. The wiring may be potentially dangerous and may not be able to cope with the demands of modern living.

If you plan major remodelling work that constitutes a material alteration as defined by the Building Regulations, it is likely that you will need to rewire part, if not all, of the property, including upgrading the consumer unit (fuse box).

If you are extending your home, or convertingan attic or garage, this will constitute new work and therefore all of the new wiringwill have to conform to part P of the building regulations and all existing wiring will have to be improved to ensure that it is able to carry the additional loads safely, it is earthed to current requirements and that cross bonding is satisfactory.

Where you are extending or remodelling, the rest of the existing wiring does not have to be upgraded, except where upgrading is required by the energy efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations, i.e. central heating controls.