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Testing & Inspection Services

As a local electrical contractor we provide electrical testing and inspection services. Electrical cabling and appliances deteriorate over time and it’s essential that regular inspections take place. From Landlord safety certifications or periodic inspections, you can benefit from our wide range of electrical inspection and testing services.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An electrical installation condition report (EICR), or periodic inspection report as they used to be called are often referred to by customers as a Landlord Safety Test or Homebuyers Test

What is inspected during an EICR

During an EICR, the consumer unit (or fuseboard), wiring and electrical accessories are thoroughly tested and inspected for faults or deviations from the Wiring Standards. Throughout the test, the following will be inspected and tested:

The adequacy of the earthing and bonding.

Devices for protection against fire and electric shock.

Any damage or wear and tear that might affect the safety of the properties inhabitants.

Identification of any damaged electrical fittings and accessories.

Identification of any exposed live wires that could cause a fire or injury.

Home Owners

BS7671 (18th Edition Wiring Regulations) recommend having an EICR carried out at least every 10 years. It is also important to have one done if you are moving out or into a new home, if your insurance requires one – or if you suspect your current electrics are old, faulty or have been subject to poor quality additions.

Rented Accomodation

Under the ‘Landlord and Tenants Act (1985) landlords must ensure that the electrical installation in a rented property is maintained safely throughout a tenancy. To ensure this, BS7671 recommend an EICR test at a change of tenancy or at least every 5 years


Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have an EICR, as an employer you are responsible for the welfare of your employees.

BS7671 recommend having an EICR undertaken at least every 5 years